Willfreight Express Cargo services (WECS) handles customs clearance and delivery of the most precious trophy-FIFA world cup trophy in Kenya.


This is the second time WECS has been entrusted by the multinational Coca-Cola Company to carry out the logistics involved.

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The need for new ideas and improvement in supply chain in the aerospace logistics industry has risen due to the increased desire to travel and the demand for air travel.

As a result, the demand for new planes has become immense.

The establishment of new routes, presumably more than 700, has improved connectivity all over the world. Also, a fall in average return fares has increased accessibility (a fall by $44 in 2016 – according to sources in the International Air Transport Association – IATA).

Research by Airbus through “Global Services Forecast” reveal a Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) business totaling $1.8 trillion and the need for in excess of a 500,000 new pilots over the next 20 years.

To counter the pressure springing from the demand in the aerospace industry, the need to produce more planes using an efficient and profitable method has arisen. This ranges from producing lighter aircraft with lower fuel consumption to using materials source geographically diverse supplier base.

For this reason, the aerospace companies are force to hire third-party logistics (3PL) providers to manage inbound materials movement, production, maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations. In summary, supply chain logistics.

Sustainability is therefore a matter to pursue in the aerospace industry as it is key to commercial aerospace growth and logistics.

The aerospace organizations therefore are concentrating more on research, development and production. The two most cost- effective ways of delivery of aftermarket parts include:

Proximity service/supply – involves situating service/supply centers close to where customers are located. In Kenya, the arrangement is a common sight in Wilson airport. It is one of the best examples when it comes to the Kenyan aerospace industry.

Willfreight Express Cargo Services Company, specialized in brokerage, clearing and forwarding is therefore strategically placed in Wilson Airport to fulfill the demands and the needs of its surrounding (close or far away) customers in a fast, convenient and efficient way.

Establishment of regional and well-connected centers located strategically around the world. There, pools of unit spare parts and exchange units can be stored and then sent to the customers when needed; so long as they can arrive in time and meet customer service obligations.

As manufacturing supply chains become more disciplined, inbound materials movement is becoming less urgent and more synchronized, with supply chain managers monitoring flow and communicating with suppliers to address exceptions.

Supply chain is therefore very substantial to the daily activities involved in the industry and most importantly with the consideration of the rapidly growing aerospace industry.

Hi Tech Forwarders Network – HTFN

Hi Tech Forwarders Network is a unique global alliance that combines the capabilities of a multinational forwarder with the personal services of locally own and operated agent companies.

It provides clients with a comprehensive range of freight managed services tailored to meet their individual needs and offer the best possible services at the best possible price.

Willfreight Express Cargo Services is a member of HTFN.


For one to qualify to be a HTFN member, the following has to be adhered to:

  1. Recommendation by an agent who is a member of HTFN.
  2. The recommended agent/company submits details for vetting by HTFN members.
  3. An audit is done on the agent/company wishing to join.
  4. A membership form is filled by the agent/company wishing to join HTFN.

HTFN Conferences

All members participate in the annual conference and take advantage of one on one member meetings. General assembly business meetings are also conducted in addition to training programs and client forums.

Save time, money and travel by meeting with all your partners in one week a year.

HTFN Tools

  • Member’s only website.
  • Regular newsletters including member updates, regulations and events.
  • Sales tools like bid presentations, brochure printing and business cards.
  • Dedicated communication applications like broadcast email system and discussion forums.

Willfreight Express Cargo Services is a member of HTFN and enjoys the following benefits:

The HTFN Advantage

  • Service

Recognized as leaders in their respective markets, HTFN companies have built their reputations by offering the best possible service at the best possible price.

  • Expertise

Local HTFN agents are ideally positioned to guide shippers through the intricacies of business by understanding local regulations as well as speaking the local language.

  • Flexibility

HTFN offers a wide range of transportation and logistics programs tailored to meet the shipping needs of clients.

HTFN’s independently operated agents offer a wide range of transportation and logistics programs, tailored to meet all customer needs

  • Coverage

HTFN has carefully built a global network of reputable agents strategically located to manage shipments to virtually any destination worldwide.

The HTFN network spans the globe with more than 220 offices, employing over 6,000 staff and handling in excess of 2 million tons of cargo annually.

Transportation Products

  • Air Freight

HTFN negotiates the lowest available rates with all carriers and charter operators.

  • Ocean Freight

HTFN offers a full range of maritime services.

  • Road and Rail

Full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) on global basis and rail services, where and when available.

  • Imports and Exports

Customs brokerage and import clearances are performed by local agents that know the language and local regulations.

Our Security as a HTFN Member

HTFN members are financially sound, have quality service, active sales and cutting edge communications.

  • HTFN members are evaluated annually to ensure the highest standards.
  • HTFN members have internal procedures and insurance to cover payments within the group.
  • Disputes between members can be mediated by HTFN corporate/officers.


Vertical Market Support

  • Freight Management Services

HTFN is the one of the world’s leading providers of global multi-modal forwarding services providing clients with a comprehensive range of freight-managed services.

  • Contract Logistics

HTFN provides clients across the globe with a comprehensive range of contract logistics services.

  • Specialist Services

We are specialists in a range of services covering all aspects of industrial vertical market segments.

  • Consultancy

HTFN’s experts listen to you in your language, in your market, in your business to develop a solution as unique as the requirement.

Freight forwarding companies are able to join HTFN by filling and submitting an application form found on the HTFN website.



The above writings have been extracted from the HTFN website and therefore HTFN reserves its copyrights as the novel composer of the same.

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The project that you have been pitching for is finally approved. You breathe a sigh of relief. What now?

Everything has been captured including the shipment of equipment to project site and the duration of time it will take, and you have all the confidence that you did your homework well, even adding a day or two just in case..

Then you contact the supplier and pay for the equipment and give directions to the site location, probably somewhere remote. Your agent even gives you the tracking details and assures you that in a few days, your cargo will be on site.

Two weeks later, the cargo is stuck at some border country just because some paperwork wasn’t done correctly and now you are exasperated. Or your shipment weight 20 tons and it has to go to Praslin Island in Seychelles. The maximum weight handled there is 8 tons!

This story might sound far-fetched, but it is a regular issue in cargo movement and logistics. Several things will determine the timeliness of your cargo arrival, such as the agent you have appointed, your agent partners, the cargo carriers, agent liquidity, etc.

But the crux of the matter is that the complexities of sending and receiving cargo are such that no person should be unable to send or receive cargo anywhere in the world.

Therefore, the most important issue to consider when you are planning a shipment is the agent that you are engaging. The points to consider when engaging an agent may be;

  1. Should be trust worthy, honest and professional.
  2. Industry savvy, to tackle challenges as they arise.
  3. Understand local nuances to advise you accordingly on issues such as taxes, fees and levies.
  4. Financial standing so that your shipment and its proper delivery may be top issue, rather than the fees that you will be charged.